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Premium Sauna Stoves - ONLY Manufactured in Finland

Hand Spun Wool SaunaClaus Hat Pink

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This is 100% Merino Wool.

Featuring Hand-Spun Wool, these Crochet Sauna Hats are individually made with love and care.

With wool sourced from small-batch producers, each hat takes MANY hours to make. 

Raw wool is washed and carded, then handspun to create the perfect thickness. Crochet is a technique not replicable by machines therefore creating a one-of-a-kind product. Each hat is unique and hand-crafted in the ways our ancestors would have. This is an artisan product please contact us to discuss wool options and colors for orders.

Fit can come in small/medium or medium/large. One size fits most. The crochet is snug but has give, much like a beanie. 

These Hats are EFFECTIVE! Your head will stay much cooler and you will be more comfortable in the sauna longer. Protects hair and keeps sweat out of the eyes! 




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