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Wi-Fi, EMF and Saunas

Wi-Fi, EMF and Saunas

Wi-fi, EMF and Saunas

By Abigail Mote (Co- Founder Burn Saunas)


What is the potential risk for problems when choosing a sauna stove with wi-fi or EMF radiation? Is it safe? There are potential health risks associated with EMFs in sauna that users should be aware of. Low-emf saunas should be questioned. Daily exposure to 5g and EMFs are decreasing Heat Shock Protein 70 Levels and lowering cytoprotection. Ironically, our exposure to daily EMFs (cell phones) are one of the top reasons we all should be using Sauna, now more than ever with the technological age.

Aaron, my co-founder, discusses stoves including the ones Burn Sells and why. He also points out reasons we believe WI-FI or EMF should be kept out of the sauna on our Youtube linked here. Burn Saunas sells wood burning Narvi stoves imported from Finland. These stoves are very clean burning and offer quick heat up times with a metal casing surrounding the rocks. Aaron points out the potential problems with just a simple cage around the rocks. If an electric heater must be used for the sauna due to HOA or other restrictions, we support the IKI Electric Heater. We love the IKI Electric heaters manufactured in Finland due to their commercial grade coil and UL certification. UL certification protects the homeowners insurance policy, yes if you have a non- UL heater you could potentially liable for a fire! I must say after reading much material on the matter, I agree. I believe the sauna vasodilates (relaxes the blood vessels) and makes our body vulnerable under heat stress. Your blood gains temperature and I worry about cell damage under radiation exposure at any level.  My biggest resource leading me to this belief comes from a medical paper “Chronic electromagnetic field exposure decreases HSP70 levels and lowers Cytoprotection” . The study followed four days of ELF-EMF exposure, Heat Shock Protein levels declined by 27% (Di Carlo et al. 2020). This EMF-Induced decrease in HSP70 levels and resulting decline in cytoprotection suggests a mechanism by which daily exposure (such as might be experienced by mobile phone users) could enhance the probability of cancer and other diseases (Di Carlo et al. 2002). Crazy! Using a cell phone decreases our Heat Shock Protein 70 leading to possible disease! My thought is that if I sauna to increase my heat shock proteins and I sauna with the same source that depletes them, is the treatment as effective? No studies have been done to prove or disprove this theory. 

What we do know about the health and biologic effects of EMF/EMR exposure included DNA damage, Mitochondrial dysfunction and cognitive function impairment. Sauna increases Heat Shock Proteins which aid in cellular repair. Sauna, in a study, found heat shock protein 70 & 90 rose significantly with sauna use by 45 and 38% respectively (Hill 2023). The study also noted mitochondrial function improved around 28% and noticed an increase in mitochondrial biogenesis (a process by which cells increase mitochondrial mass and can produce more energy) (Hill 2023). Exposure to heat stress has been demonstrated to elevate brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), responsible for fostering the generation of new cells in the body (BDNF Protocol Guide).. Sauna use when combined with exercise emerges is a very effective way to increase BDNF levels. BDNF levels are associated with enhanced learning capabilities, improved long term memory, decreased anxiety and depression, accelerated muscle repair and stimulation of new muscle cell growth (instagram @Silvijathetheherbalist). Read about how sauna reduces risk for dementia and Alzhiemers disease here. Why would you reduce any of the effectiveness of sauna by including EMFs in your Sauna?

For the hour I take to the sauna in the morning or evening, it is my time to rejuvenate. My time to relax and gain clarity. I wouldn't want the headache of extra wiring or possible damage to the control panel since we promote outdoor saunas. I just want my sauna to be simple and blissful, connected to nature. For these reasons Burn believes sauna is best without wi-fi or EMFs.

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