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Why invest in a Traditional Finnish Sauna?

Why invest in a Traditional Finnish Sauna?

 In Finland, there are 3.3 million saunas for a total population of 5 million and it is estimated that 90% of Finns take a sauna at least once per week.

Compared to the estimated 1 million saunas in the USA for a population of 330 Million, sauna culture in America is truly nascent. 

With our minimal sauna culture, it should be no surprise to learn than MOST sauna products sold in America are WAY off the mark when it comes to how Authentic Finnish Saunas are designed and intended to function. 

From lack of proper ventilation and circulation of oxygen, to simple design flaws like the lower-bench-only saunas -- the Finns joke that 90% of Saunas in North America are bad, and 10% are worse.

Our Mission here at BURN Saunas is to share and promote Traditional Finnish Sauna -- both the technical design aspects and the health benefits -- because we believe in the TRANSFORMative health benefits of regular sauna use.

What is a Finnish Sauna?

Anyone can put wood on the walls, and call it a sauna.

In most countries sauna construction is unregulated, but in Finland the Finnish Building Regulations & Specifications detail what is required in a Finnish sauna. 

If you simply look up the definition, a Sauna is defined as a small room used as a hot air or steam bath for cleaning and refreshing the body.

While this definition may provide the basics, if you ask anyone from Finland, they will tell you a real sauna has essential design elements that make it so. 

So what are the CORE elements of Finnish Sauna design?


According to sauna experts, core elements in Finnish sauna design include:

1) Feet ABOVE Stones & The Cold Zone 

2) Multi-Level Benches 

3) Ventilation 

4) Convective Heat, NOT Radiating Heat. 

It is easy to see when reviewing these basics why Barrel Saunas, and most kit saunas, do not deliver on many of these CORE essentials. 

Why is this important?

First, our entire body should be in the upper 2/3's of the sauna space.

One of the biggest critiques of American saunas, including all barrel saunas, is the lower-bench-only design -- as your feet will always be in the cold zone, below the stones. 

Ideal ceiling height is 8.5’, though common outside of the U.S., is not so common in the U.S. Ignore information that says a  7’ or 7.5’ ceiling is best.

2 Levels of benches is absolutely a minimum, 3 levels is ideal. 

Second, ventilation is another area many Americans have confused.

Many American saunas do not have adequate ventilation -- which makes their sauna more of a "hot box."

Finnish sauna have a convective heat, allowing a constant flow of freshly oxygenated air. 

Lack of ventilation creates various serious issues, from lack of oxygen to heat stratification -- which can make sauna users dizzy or sick.

Finally, they say the Heart of the Sauna is the stove. 

Aside from proper ventilation and air-gaps between the interior paneling and vapor barrier, also essential is the design of the stove. 

One BIG mistake many American DIY saunas builders make is selecting a stove that does not create a convective heat, but instead more of a radiant heat. 

Many HEAVY steel stoves made in America (sometimes 2x the weight of Finnish Stoves) create a radiant heat -- which can be described as very sharp or intense. 

Comparatively, Finnish stoves are designed to pull in the fresh air at the base -- warming the air as it rises through the unit & stones -- creating a convective heat flow.

Wrapping up...

As we pursue our mission to share the incredible health benefits of Sauna in North America, we enjoy sharing this information with those who seek to build their own saunas -- or even other sauna companies!

In our opinion here at BURN, there is simply no reason to compramise and invest in a sub-par sauna because we believe a sauna is a LOT more than a hot box with wood on the walls... 

From the simple enjoyment of a good sweat, to the traditions built by families who use & enjoy regular sauna use, to the culture and traditions and incredible health benefits...

To the early mornings watching the sunrise as the stoves crackles and heats up... 

To the late nights with your partner, in your private backyard escape, watching the snow fall and enjoying HOT conversation... 

For some, Sauna is simply part of the FLOW of LIFE.