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All Saunas are Infrared Saunas

All Saunas are Infrared Saunas

All Saunas are Infrared Saunas

By Abigail Mote

What is infrared light? 

Light is a spectrum, some forms of light we cannot see yet light powerfully shapes our biology. Light determines biological functions like circadian rhythm (wake/sleep cycles).  Infrared light is sensed as heat, found as sun and fire. 

Our ancestors understood the importance of infrared especially in the winter, as ‘infrared light doesn’t just transfer “heat” to your body — it turns the water in your cells into batteries”(Kaiyan Medical). It is not a coincidence that sitting down next to a fire or sitting in a sauna is so relaxing! 

Before Infrared saunas, our ancestors used sweat lodges and traditional stone saunas. In traditional saunas and thermal structures like bathhouses, stones absorb energy from either an electronic heating unit or a fire. The light is “stored” in the stones and gradually released during the sweat lodge or the sauna. Both of these methods use light to heal the human body. Loyle, a Finnish word describing the pouring of water of sauna rocks, also translates with no coincidence to “spirit of life”.

Infrared Saunas use Infrared red light bulbs to heat the body, while traditional saunas use fire in a couple different manners. The stove flames flicker not only infrared light, but also admit the heat energy into rocks. Electric Heaters heat waves heat the rocks. They all contribute to health and come down to preference of the user. 


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